[info] SpamAssassin 2.50 released!

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[info] SpamAssassin 2.50 released!

Post by sartre » 2003-02-20 17:43

Hier mal zur Info:

OK folks -- SpamAssassin 2.50 is now up on /released/ . Please download
and install!


This should be considered a beta release.

Main changes since 2.4x:

- Bayesian filtering, using a Bayesian-style form of probability-analysis
classification. This uses an algorithm based on the one detailed in
Paul Graham's 'A Plan For Spam' paper, along with aspects taken from
Graham Robinson's work, and the chi-combining technique developed by the
SpamBayes project.

- Auto-learning. This trains the Bayesian filter automatically, based on
the results from traditional SpamAssassin diagnosis. It uses a set of
heuristics and separate thresholds to ensure (as much as is possible)
that it trains on guaranteed non-spam and spam. Old, unused tokens are
automatically expired.

- much-improved rule set. A whole new set of rules based on Message-Id
analysis is now in place, which accurately detects forged headers from
a wide range of spamware. Many inaccurate rules have been dropped.
HTML tests much improved, with a set to detect image-only spam.

- new default format for detected-spam messages; the message is
encapsulated as a MIME part, with a preview and the spam report
in the main part of the message.

- Score sets. Based on whether you are using just SpamAssassin rules,
adding network tests, and using a trained Bayesian database,
SpamAssassin will use a set of scores appropriately to gain the
maximum degree of accuracy.

- Italian, Polish, Spanish, French and German rule sets and translations.

- Much improved reliability with spamd. The problems with signals
have been cleared up thanks to a pipe-based child tracking system,
and all spamd-hanging bugs reported have proved unreproducable.

- Unicode problems with Red Hat 8 and perl 5.8 fixed. Works on Perl
5.005, 5.6.x, and 5.8.x.

- Taint-safe. SpamAssassin runs with perl's taint-checking enabled for
better security.

- Razor 1 support is now officially deprecated.

- "spamc -c" was not working, fixed. This fix required increasing the
revision of the spamd protocol; only difference is that now more than
one protocol header can appear in the reply from spamd.

- all fixes from 2.44 included.



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Re: [info] SpamAssassin 2.50 released!

Post by fritz » 2003-03-02 05:59

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