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Post by realoftime » 2004-07-14 14:24

Hi Leute,

weis sjemand aus welcher File sich Amavis den Text für die Maills zieht.

z.B der Betreff VIRUS (Worm.SomeFool.P) IN MAIL TO YOU (from ) usw..

Gruß RoT

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Re: Amavis

Post by antondollmaier » 2004-07-14 14:44

auszug aus der amavisd.conf:

Code: Select all

# Default template texts for notifications may be overruled by directly
# assigning new text to template variables, or by reading template text
# from files. A second argument may be specified in a call to read_text(),
# specifying character encoding layer to be used when reading from the
# external file, e.g. 'utf8', 'iso-8859-1', or often just $bdy_encoding.
# Text will be converted to internal character representation by Perl 5.8.0
# or later; second argument is ignored otherwise. See PerlIO::encoding,
# Encode::PerlIO and perluniintro man pages.
# $notify_sender_templ      = read_text('/var/amavis/notify_sender.txt');
# $notify_virus_sender_templ= read_text('/var/amavis/notify_virus_sender.txt');
# $notify_virus_admin_templ = read_text('/var/amavis/notify_virus_admin.txt');
# $notify_virus_recips_templ= read_text('/var/amavis/notify_virus_recips.txt');
# $notify_spam_sender_templ = read_text('/var/amavis/notify_spam_sender.txt');
# $notify_spam_admin_templ  = read_text('/var/amavis/notify_spam_admin.txt');

# If notification template files are collectively available in some directory,
# use read_l10n_templates which calls read_text for each known template.
#   read_l10n_templates('/etc/amavis/en_US');