Schlund IP's auf BlarsBL

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Schlund IP's auf BlarsBL

Post by minibbjd » 2004-08-16 23:22

> gives "LISTED (". In your universe this seems to translate
> to:
> # .1 Spam sending domain
> # .16 No working abuse address
> # .32 Hosts spamers web sites
> I'd love to see the piece of spam that you received from this IP and I'd
> appreciate if you'd point me to a one of the spamming websites that I
> am hosting. Thanks a lot! is in BlarsBL for sending spam, hosting spammer web
sites, and no working abuse address. Mail to on the
subject bounced.

Before being delisted from BlarsBL, the listed party (the block owner as
shown in the whois database) needs to fix their spam problem(s) and
convice me they will not reoccur or will be taken care of promptly after
receiving complaints to the appropriate abuse address.

I'm not fond of giving spammers a second chance, but if you insist on
doing so you need to realize that your companies reputation is on the line
as well as your other customers connectivity.

Virus infected or compromized machines should be disconnected
imediatly, and not reconnected until the problem has been fixed.


Kommentar zu BlarsBL spar ich mir hier; obiges nur zur Info.


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Re: Schlund IP's auf BlarsBL

Post by dodolin » 2004-08-17 00:49

Dass Blars merkbefreit ist, ist spätestens seit Ende 2003 bereits nichts neues mehr, siehe z.B. auch ... abuse.mail

Ich vermute, der listet das halbe Internet auf seiner BL, eigentlich würde es kaum noch nen Unterschied machen, wenn er gleich /0 listen würde.

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Re: Schlund IP's auf BlarsBL

Post by xpeterx » 2004-08-18 08:54

Der kann nicht mehr so fit sein. Der listet sogar einen Server von mir auf dem nicht die Spur eines Mailservers drauf ist. Dort läuft wirklich nur http und ftp